• BIZARRE FOODS is coming to New Wonjo

    New Wonjo Restaurant is selected by Travel Channel-BIZARRE FOODS.  
    Andrew Zimmerson the host will show off at our restaurant to experience authentic Korean foods.
    Come and enjoy our specially selected Korean traditional foods on Tuesday Night!

  • 2013 Michelin Guide Recommended

    2013 Michelin Guide Recommended

    Truth be told, New Wonjo-a no-frills, Turn-and-burn Korean joint nestled into bustling 32nd Street-is not going to give the reigning outer borough darlings a run for their money anytime soon. But if you're looking for some decent Korean food in midtown, you could do a lot worse than this modest, two-level eatery, fitted out with tabletop barbecue grills.

    Moreover, after a management overhaul in spring of 2010, the kitchen now falls under the sight of Chef Hwang Han Joo, who reputedly boasts over 40 years of Korean culinary experience. Taste the experience in dishes like Kam ja jun gol, a fragrant, flavorful casserole of spicy pork bone, potato, and vegetables; or tenderly marinated cuts of brisket and short ribs, grilled to succulent perfection.
  • New Wonjo was rated by ZAGAT 2013

    New Wonjo was rated by ZAGAT 2013

    "Korean awesomeness, 24 hours a day" is the deal at this K-town vet whose low-cost, "crave"-worthy specialties include tableside BBQ; "service can be harried', but the room's recent "update" wins "bonus points" because now "you won't smell like the grill."

  • New Wonjo was selected for THE BEST LATE-NIGHT FOOD IN THE USA by Esquire Magazine

    The Seafood Pajun at New Wonjo

    New York City

    Little-known secret: Korea-town is always the most fun neighborhood of any city. In restaurants, people sing, usually well. Skylines of OB beer bottles and glasses of soju (cold Korean vodka) cover the tables. And the food — like pajun, a spongy pancake studded with chunks of shrimp and squid and panfried to a golden crisp — never stops. Wonjo is all of this. 24/7; 23 West Thirty-second Street; 212-695-5815;

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